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Are mini-skirts immodest?

Submitted: 1/24/2007
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Question: I am an ordained Apostolic minister. And, I started out believing that girls had to stop wearing mini skirts to be saved and to go to heaven. Well, as I grew up, I realized that modesty is an action verb that explains transformed behavior, actions, and character. Now, I believe that if a Christian girl is honest, sincere, and humble, I believe that the girl can be modest and still wear a mini skirt. It is also human and not a sin in and of itself for a girl to look pretty and a man to think a girl looks pretty, even if she is wearing a mini skirt. I just do not believe that it is right to preach stop wearing mini skirts when Peter did not say that in Acts 2. I need to be consistent with the Acts 2 template and my methodology. If I am a fallible human, if I am going to err, I would rather error on the side of mercy and grace and believe that a girl can still be saved and go to heaven even if she never gets the personal conviction of not wearing a mini skirt. Please respond. God Bless

Answer: You wrote, 'I believe that the girl can be modest and still wear a mini skirt.' We would say that this is a contradiction. By definition a mini-skirt is immodest. What about short-shorts? What about a bikini? Certainly you must draw a line somewhere, otherwise the concept of modesty has no meaning at all.

You mentioned that Peter did not mention mini-skirts in Acts 2. If you have looked at any of our articles on baptism, you know that we stand firmly behind everything Peter said in Acts 2. But we also stand firm for a lot more than what Peter addressed. There is much more to the Bible than Acts 2. Speaking of Peter, in his second epistle he explicitly endorced the teachings of Paul (see 2 Peter 3:15-16). And in 1 Timothy 2:9 Paul instructed that women should 'adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation....' If you have convinced yourself that wearing a mini-skirt complies with this instruction, then we can say that we absolutely disagree with you.

Having said all that, let us add that we do not believe in telling anyone that they must alter the way they are dressed in order to be saved. Salvation comes by the blood of Jesus Christ through the new birth experience. We cannot add to it or qualify for it by dressing in a certain way. The reason those who have been born again should dress modestly (both women and men) is to avoid sin and glorify God, not to be saved.