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Apostolic Re-formation Conference

Dates: October 22-24, 2014

Location: Carlisle, PA

THEME: Reforming Apostolic Assemblies to the Pattern of the Original


Wednesday, October 22
- 3:00 to 5:00 pm Meet and Greet
- 5:30 Dinner
- 6:30 Worship Time, Keynote Speaker
- 8:00 Discussion #1 and Fellowship

Thursday, October 23
- 7:00 am Church building open for prayer
- 9:00 Session #1
(There will be a special meeting for the ladies from 9:00 to noon)
- 10:15 am Discussion #2
- 12:00 pm Lunch Break
- 1:00 Session #2
- 2:00 Afternoon break
- 7:00 pm Worship Time, Ministry of the Word
- 9:00 Fellowship

Friday, October 24
- 7:00 am Church building open for prayer
- 9:00 Session #3
- 10:15 am Discussion #3
- 12:00 pm Lunch Break
- 1:00 Concluding Thoughts

ARC 2014 is open to all like-minded brethren. Conference topics will be focused on the concepts and themes presented on www.GloriousChurch.com with an emphasis on the development of highly effective spiritual leaders.

The conference will be held at the meeting place of Carlisle Christian Fellowship in Carlisle, PA. There is no cost for attending the conference and 5 meals will be provided. Attendees are responsible for their transportation to and from the conference and for booking their own hotel accommodations.

The atmosphere of this conference is informal. Attendees are permitted to ask questions and will be invited to participate in discussions. Dress is casual. A free-will offering will be received.

Carlisle is located in the south central part of Pennsylvania. It is a half-hour from Harrisburg International Airport and two hours from Baltimore-Washington International Airport. It is within easy driving range of Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. There are many hotels in Carlisle. To locate one that fits your preferences, we suggest you do a Google search for "hotels Carlisle PA."

To register, simply email us at DAHuston@aol.com and let us know how many are coming with you. Questions concerning the conference or accommodations may be addressed to DAHuston@aol.com.

NOTE: We are not able to assist with the cost of transportation to and from the conference, other than providing transportation from Harrisburg International Airport.

ARC is sponsored and presented by the elders of the Carlisle assembly: Dave Huston, Jamie Hulsey, and Steve Epler.

Carlisle Christian Fellowship
237 Longs Gap Rd., Carlisle, PA 17013