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Does holiness have an appearance?

Submitted: 5/31/2007
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Question: I understand why we should be modest. We do cause men to look upon us and they do look, but I guess each church has its standards, below the knee, no high heels, to the ankle. Is it that important for the shirts? Arm length, half sleeves. Doesn't that become costume or religious? Does the length really make us holy? I will be modest, but I don't like some of their cloths. Is that just me? I think they look like pilgrims sometimes. Is this wrong thinking/believing?

Answer: The length of sleeves and skirts is not what makes a person holy. These issues have to do with modesty. It is immodest for a woman to reveal parts of her body which the Lord expects her to keep covered. Therefore, sleeves must be long enough to keep the underarm, shoulder, and chest covered. And skirts must be long enough to cover the knees, even when sitting with legs crossed. The style of clothing is not as important as the modesty of them.

We do think you ought to check your heart. Some of your statements about how other sisters in the Lord dress indicate to us that your attitude isn't very good.