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What sort of character issues?

Submitted: 2/17/2006
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Question: We are coming to terms or agreement on doctrinal issues, of which I am thankful. Could you explain more clearly what you meant when you used the terms character issues and ethical matters(this one really threw me)? I don't understand what you are saying here. Thank you for your wise counsel, I am listening.

Answer: By character issues we mean things such as lying or throwing a hissy fit. We must not compromise on these issues just to have peace. This would be calling evil good. If a person has poor character, God does not require us to pretend that this person has good character.

By ethical issues we mean things such as cheating on a business matter or some other sort of improper conduct toward another person. Again, we must not compromise over matters of righteousness. If a person will not admit his errors, we are not required to become unrighteous just to make peace. To attmpt to offer forgiveness when there has been no acknowledgement will not produce peace.