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Is there deliverance for the backslidden?

Submitted: 12/16/2006
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Question: Greetings in Jesus Name, I know a mentally ill man who was saved and now has backslidder. If he has seven more evil spirits worse than before, what is the best way to cast out or pray out these evil spirits? Do some people like to stay bound? He seems to make no effort in getting delivered. He won't go to any Apostolic Church. He even gets sick, angry, and acts demonic. He is known for smoking and drinking. He was a kind man. Any advice about his deliverance. It has been about five years since he's backslidden.

Answer: We suggest you pray for this man and continue to show him the love of Jesus. But we do not believe there is any hope for deliverance until he changes the direction of his life and begins to seek after God in sincerity and truth. Once he begins to more toward God, those demons will have to flee. He may need special ministry at that time, but until then we believe any attempts at deliverance will be fruitless.