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What does 'save the sick' mean?

Submitted: 1/10/2006
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Question: What does this mean? '...and the prayer of faith will SAVE the sick' (James 5:15). It doesn't say heal, it says save? When I was young in the Lord healing came easily, now I can't obtain healing. I feel like a real failure as a Christian.

Answer: The Greek word translated 'save' in James 5:15 has a broad application. In general it means to come into a place of safety or wholeness. It can pertain to the physical man or the spiritual man. It can pertain to eternal salvation or temporal healing.

We cannot explain why you have not yet been healed. We would suggest that you read our booklet titled Healing Hands, which can be found on Shelf 10 of the Apostolic Free Library. Maybe it will help your faith to be strong.