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Should we visualize healing?

Submitted: 3/24/2006
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Question: I heard a precher on the radio say that the key to healing (not by us but by being used by God to heal others) is to see them healed first. To visually see them healed. Did God ever tell anyone to go lay down or go rest when he healed them. Didn't he usually say get up or go or they did this automatically? Why do folks stay laying down in the bed or in their original place? Do you suppose it is because they didn't beleive? Are the folks who do get up healed vs the ones who did not? Just curious. Once again thank you for your responses.

Answer: The idea of intentionally visualizing someone's healing before it actually occurs strikes us as being very similar to the psychological technique called 'visualization.' This is not a biblical method. We would agree that God may sometimes show people something prophetically before it happens, but to try to conjur up the image in order to make it happen is an ungodly technique.

We cannot say why some people do certain things or why some people get healed instantly, some over time, and some not at all. What we can say is that Jesus Christ is fully able to heal anything. There is nothing too hard for the Lord!