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Aren't Baptists and Apostolics alike?

Submitted: 1/2/2006
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Question: I have been saved for 4 years now and wonder about people getting caught up in differnt faiths. How do we know what to really belive in? I feel that the baptist and apotolic faiths are somewhat alike. It is just baptism and the words used. They both know that Jesus is God and died for our sins. Man has messed life up with these different doctrines because I know God couldn't let people just die and go to hell because they are not apostolic. I feel its a personal relationship that you have with the Lord and try to live to his word, pray, and worship God. Thank you.

Answer: We appreciate your sincere desire to know the Lord and walk in His ways. There are, however, some fundamental differences between the Baptist faith and the Apostolic faith. First, Baptists believe a person receives forgiveness at the point of first believing, whereas Apostolics believe in repentance and water baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Baptists baptize in the titles (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), whereas Apostolics baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, Baptists believe that Jesus is God the Son (the second person of the trinity), whereas Apostolics believe that Jesus is God the Father manifested in the flesh and that in Him dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. Baptists also believe in unconditional eternal security (once saved always saved), whereas Apostolics believe that people can, having been saved, depart from the faith and be lost.

There are a number of other significant differences, but these should be enough to tell you that the Baptist faith and Apostolic faith are far from being the same. The issue, however, is not whether a person is Apostolic; it is whether a person is born again in the authentic Bible way.

Please read our articles on the Doctrine shelf of the Apostolic Free Library. We think you would find that most Baptists would not agree with many of our doctrines. Each individual must dig into the Word for himself and seek the Lord for a full understanding of truth. There is only one genuine plan of salvation, so we cannot both be right. Sooner or later you will have to make a decision.