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Why do Baptists and others 'get it' on certain, basic, holiness issues more so than Pentecostals?

Submitted: 6/14/2006
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Question: Being from a Baptist upbringing and having received the Holy Ghost in my early 20s, I appreciate your concise summary of the differences in Baptists and Apostolics. What perplexes me is how Baptists and other groups see the danger of sending children to government schools to be raised and indoctrinated by the lost while Pentecostals seem oblivious or rather quite apathetic. The Southern Baptist convention seems to be on the cutting edge of this issue and taking a stand in admonishing Baptist parents to get their children out, while deafening silence is all that's heard among the United Pentecostal Church and other Apostolic groups. Or worse, many U.P.C. and other Pentecostal preachers are 'Pro' government schooling. 'If it was good enough for me, it's good enough for them, etc.' Foolish! Schools are not what they used to be. Instead of encouraging parents to do what's right--bring mama home, raise their own, etc. (so that the word of God be not blasphemed,) they have special prayer on Sundays and lay hands on their young before throwing the babies into the Lion's den in the name of letting them 'be a light.' At the same time, the sprinkling of homeschooling families struggle in the same congregations, receiving no support for the path they have chosen--for the path the whole church should be on. There are other areas where various denominations outshine once 'holiness' Pentecostals. Do you think that this is all just part of the Lord's building of His one true church, that He has something up His sleeve, like perhaps bringing many people out of various sects into 'The Faith' once delivered to the saints so that no man will receive the praise, but God alone? Will it end up that Pentecostals teach Baptists and others the Oneness of God and Acts 2:38 salvation and Baptists and others will teach Pentecostals how to perfect holiness in the fear of God, etc.? Are Apostolics using the internet as effectively as possible to accomplish the spreading of the whole gospel to the whole world in a streamlined and efficient manner or continuing on with the bureaucratic, political and financial trappings of organization? Are you aware of any symposiums, forums or other venues where Oneness Pentecostals are communicating and or challenging other denominations on the fundamentals of the faith and being challenged in the fundamentals of Christian living? I hope I'm getting my point across. Surely the Lord cares deeply about unity among those who will never submit to the harlot church and the rising one world government. And surely He cares even more deeply about little children, still tender seedlings, being transplanted from the sanctuary of a Godly home into the barren, parched soil of government indoctrination centers before they've had time to become rooted and grounded and 'trained up in the way' so that they will not depart. One West Coast Conference preacher said that the drop out rate among Pentecostal youth is about 80% When one takes a close look at all that is going on in the world of Pentecostalism today, one can only hope and believe and pray that the Lord has begun a new work, a new phase in the building of His church and that just as the Oneness of God and Jesus' name baptism with the infilling of the Holy Ghost were revelations 100 years ago, that there just may be some revelations(truths that are there for the taking) in the early part of our own generation's century. Thank you for teaching and preaching biblically sound church government. Sincerely I pray, Lori Ann in L.A.

Answer: We are glad to say that there is an ever-growing number of home educating apostolic parents. The first Apostolic Home School Conference was held in Edinburgh, IN, this past April. Efforts are being made to link all apostolic home educators together. Our assembly has held a conference for home educators every August for the past six years. For information on the newly formed Apostolic Home School Network, go to http://www.findlaychurch.com/homeschool.asp.

We can't say for certain what the Lord may have 'up His sleeve.' But we do know that when He comes, it will be to present to Himself a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. Thanks for your continuing support.