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Comment on music in church.

Submitted: 12/27/2005
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Question: I have also experienced the same assault on my senses under the guise of 'worship' and have come to some conclusions. It would do us well to purchase Bro. C.A. Nelson's message from a conference in the early 1960's where he dealt with the concept that the church was full of people who had never received the genuine gift of the Holy Ghost. During the course of the message he stated, 'If we have...jazz in the music, we will bring forth a generation of spiritual degenerates.' We are there. Bro. Nelson is right and the percentage of genuine conversion experiences taking place in 'apostolic' services may not be what it would appear. The neglected doctrine of the necessity of prerequisite repentance is the most fundamental to correct scriptural interpretation and therefore to salvation. Music is the expression of the soul. If we gyrate to worldly music and call it worship, we simply expose to ourselves and the world the true depravity of our pseudo-spiritual experience. The Holy Ghost set me free from the noise that passes for music in many churches, conferences, and camp meetings. I would exhort anyone with children who would like to spare them from a life of premarital sex, false religion, worldliness, and hell to immediately avoid any church in which this type of music is even tolerated.

Answer: Thank you for your comment.