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Comment on loud church services.

Submitted: 2/19/2006
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Question: Wearing ear plugs was something I thought I was alone on for some time. But no, many Apostolic Pentecostals now wisely protect their precious hearing when they 'go to church.' Noise levels are a growing complaint in Apostolic Penetcostal ranks. It seems the mega church minded preachers(or wolves in some cases) like it cranked and condemn anyone who would dare say anything, much like they handle almost anything in 'the church.' Just condemn the saints as being disgruntled and move on... Loud Music is one thing, deafening decibels are another. I think if one were to compile data and or statistics on elderly Apostolics, one would find a disproportionate amount of hearing loss as compared to Baptist, Methodists and most definitely Church of Christ, etc. I'm not saying get rid of instruments. But 'let all things be done decently and in order.' Someone made a very good point about sound in the open air vs. a small, closed in building. And the Bible indeed was written in a time before amplifiers and electric guitars(yuck!) If a person can not hear themselves sing or has to yell to speak to the person next to them, this is a senseless assault on the 'audience,' that is supposed to be the 'congregation.' Jesus sang a hymn with His disciples. The Bible admonishes the church to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. There is surely a time for a shout. But there is also a time to have a gentle and reverent move of the Holy Ghost. You can often have Pentecostal calisthenics(aka juking and jiving) can go on and on and the Holy Ghost not budge. And then one or two songs sung from the heart will cause the Holy Ghost to fall. Deafening concert style worship services with praise singers, etc. is just another example of Pentecostal 'Churchianity' that seems to be trying so pathetically to find it's place and make it's 'mark' in the world. Groping in darkness for the light, may all those who are sincere find their moorings in Biblical Christianity and hear what the spirit is saying to the churches in this century. Sincerely I pray, - a saint who loves to dance and worship God and who also would like to take care of the precious gift of hearing the Lord gave me and see more preachers have enough sense and respect to care for the saints hearing.

Answer: Thank you for your comment.