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Wasn't Jesus only the Son of God?

Submitted: 3/13/2014
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Question: You teach that Jesus was God. You are contradicting the Holy Bible. God, Jesus Gods Son, the Holy Spirit, the Apostles, some Prophets, John the Baptist, etc,etc, all have testified that Jesus was the Son of God. When you teach that Jesus was God and not the Son of God, you are calling all of the above deceivers and liars. Your doctrine is man made, for no where in the Bible does it say Jesus was God, it is your opinion, which you have put above the clear testimonies of all of the above. You even deceive your readers in your articles when you refer to Jesus as the Son of God, for you believe Jesus was not the Son of God. An evil spirit is one that denies it was Jesus who came in the flesh, are you one, for you say it was God who came in the flesh, and not the Son of God Jesus. If you believe the Bible is telling us the truth why do not believe the Bible when it clearly states that Jesus was the only Son of God...Aidan.

Answer: TO ALL VISITORS OF THIS WEBSITE: This question is a wonderful example of a man who does not understand the idea that the invisible God has made Himself visible in humanity. For more on this topic, please see the first two articles on Shelf 1 of the Apostolic Free Library on this website. I welcome all comments and further questions.