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Comment in response to Aiden's statement.

Submitted: 6/30/2014
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Question: Praise Jesus church! I would like to respond to Aiden's statement that: '... no where in the Bible does it say Jesus was God...' Aiden, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that your passionate discourse is rooted in your love of the Truth. Accordingly, I lovingly call your attention to the gospel of John, chapter one. It clearly tells us that the Word was God, that God became flesh, that God was beheld 'as of' the only begotten, whom we all know is referring to 'Jesus'. Therefore, the Bible does in fact say that Jesus is God. May the Lord bless you and give the desires of your heart in Christ Jesus. Bro. Robert

Answer: Thank you for posting your comment. The Bible also says that Jesus was God when it tells the story of Jesus forgiving the sins of the lame man who had been lowered into the crowded room by his friends. Since all sin is against God, only God can forgive sins. This is why the scribes were flummoxed by Jesus' words.