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How do you determine hair length?

Submitted: 12/2/2005
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Question: Is that the only reason apostolics teach that hair should be uncut, to avoid problems in determining who has long hair? I have been looking into this for years and just can't see it yet. I feel that Paul is referring somehow to the Nazarite vow for men and women (in the OT they both had uncut hair for a period of time and then men and women both shaved their heads). It just seems like to grow it uncut and then wear it put up all the time becuase it gets in the way is not much of a covering. If a woman wears uncut hair down, it sometimes doesn't look very good unless she spends the time it takes to curl it. IF we still had to wear veils, we would hem them or repair them if the ends got tattered. It wouldn't look good to wear a veil around with tattered ends. To trim means 'to make neat or tidy by clipping, smoothing or pruning.' I appreciate you allowing me to ask your opinion on these things. I wouldn't feel comfortable asking this at church. I want to obey God's word and not just do something because of FEAR that everyone MIGHT look worldly. I know of independent baptist that wear dresses and have long hair (trimmed) that have a holy appearance and behavior. Too bad they don't have the Holy Ghost and baptism. Thanks again, I appreciate the opportunity to ask questions and respect your biblically based opinion.

Answer: We do not see that there are problems with determining who has long hair. I am curious how you would determine who has long hair, or do you believe it is not important for a women to have long hair?

The passage in 1 Corinthian 11 has nothing to do with the Nazarite vow (which is never mentioned). It has to do with submission and headship.

To say that when hair is 'put up' it is not much of a covering misses the point. The purpose of the covering is not to hide your face or keep rain off your face (you can use an umbrella); it is to protect you from spiritual dangers. Of course, uncut hair without submission is like baptism without repentance: it accomplishes nothing. You seem to be concerned more with appearances and practicalities than what pleases God. We know many apostolic women who do not wear there hair up all the time and they look glorious.

We are also glad that Christian women no longer wear veils. In the New Testament, the hair is given for the veil (1 Corinthians 11:15).

We're glad you feel the liberty to ask us about these things, but we feel sad that you cannot ask at your own home assembly. We hope that changes some day. We agree that it would be wonderful if your Baptist friends would open their hearts to the Holy Spirit.