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What about really thick hair?

Submitted: 1/31/2006
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Question: You say women should not cut their hair. Okay, but what about women who have very long thick hair which causes headaches and neck pain? Next question, if hair is for a covering, why do women wear in it a bun?

Answer: Practical concerns do not alter truth. If a women has headaches or neck pain, we would pray that Jesus would heal her. The covering is uncut hair, irrespective of how the hair is arranged. My wife has not cut her hair since she received the Holy Spirit in 1986. She does not usually where it in a bun. But even if she did, that would not change the fact that it is uncut. People look for excuses all the time for why they cannot do what God wants them to do. But how much weight will such excuses carry when we stand before Jesus? Wouldn't it be far better to just live for God with all your heart and give up all excuses for doing anything less!