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What is the Apostolic Age?

Submitted: 11/24/2005
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Question: What is the relevance of the Apostolic Age to the church?

Answer: The Apostolic Age refers to the period of the church's beginnings under the ministry of the twelve apostles and then by other apostles such as Paul, Barnabas, Silas, etc. It covers the period from roughly 30 AD to 90 AD. It is followed by what historians often call the Post-Apostolic Age (90-140), the age of the Greek Apologists (130-180), the Old Catholic Age (170-325), and the Ecumenical Catholic Age (325-787). These periods are based on the writings of various men which we still have today. They also reflect which elements of Christendom dominated at any particular period of time. We believe that Godís plan is to restore the church to the purity of the Apostolic Age before Jesus Christ returns.