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How much evil qualifies as evil?

Submitted: 12/17/2011
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Question: In these end times, and especially as we head into an election year, I would like to ask if voting for 'the lesser of two evils' is, nonetheless, voting for evil; and, if so, could that be justified given God hates 'a mixture'?

Answer: We must recognize that regardless of who gets elected to the various government positions, the world is moving inexorably toward the dominion of antichrist. Nothing we do can stop that. We believe, however, that as Christians and citizens of America, we have a responsibility to vote for the candidates who 'best' represent our values, understanding that few candidates will ever represent our values perfectly. For example, if I have a choice between a candidate who supports legalized abortion and one who opposes it and will make efforts to stop it, I'll vote for the anti-abortion candidate every time, and I believe God expects us to do that. We may not be able to stop the antichrist, but we certainly don't need to assist him by passively sitting by and failing to exercise our rights as Americans. In America, voting is one of the ways we can declare our righteous values to the world.