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How much evil qualifies as evil?

Submitted: 12/17/2011
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Question: With all respect, Bro. Huston, the three top candidates support abortion(Romney, Paul and Gingrich)to one extent or another (ranging from 1) I support abortion/I do not support abortion and have stated so whenever I feel like changing my mind - Romney; 2) I do not support abortion and believe life begins at conception but want the power to make laws in the individual states in accordance with the Constitution and am in favor of the morning after pill in case of rape because it cannot be ascertained as to whether or not a pregnancy has occurred at that point - Paul; and 3) I think life does not begin at conception and, sure, I had the chance to take Planned Parenthood's funding away but refused to do so and I welcome pro-abortion Republicans and will campaign for them and allow compromise with them on the issue of abortion if it is politically expedient even if that Republican would support partial birth abortion - Gingrich. So should a Christian still vote if two candidates favor abortion (say Obama and Romney/Gingrich) and favor the lesser of *three* evils, Ron Paul, as the Republican nominee? That seems to be what you say you personally would do if I understand your answer to my question.

Answer: You have left out the fact that there are three other candidates to choose from: Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum, and all three of them are strongly opposed to legalized abortion. But I think you are missing my larger point. As I said, we never get a candidate who agrees with us on every moral and spiritual matter. What we must do is select the one who agrees with us the most, who best represents godly values. You can view this as choosing the lesser of evils, or you can view it as choosing the most good. Like you, I am very discouraged with the candidates we currently have to choose from, but the 2012 presidential race is not over. In addition there are many other positions we must vote on, both state and local. As for the Republican candidates for president, it is all academic right now because neither you nor I are going to have an opportunity to vote for any of them, at least not for a while. Who knows who will be in the race by them. I can't vote for any of them anyway until the general election because I am registered as an independent. That means I can't vote in the primary here in Pennsylvania. In the end we will have to decide between Obama, the Republican candidate, or anyone else we may decide to vote for. After all, we can vote for anyone we want.