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Is this structure correct? - Follow up question?

Submitted: 9/17/2011
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Question: We are a body. We are all unified together by one Spirit and one love. In the body of Christ, no man is meant to be above one another. It's clear in scripture time and time again we're all on the same level, Jesus Himself being a perfect example of that when He washed His disciples' feet. However, we do have teachers and instructors in the word of God to help mold us into the image of Christ i.e. the 5 fold Ministry. The only authority given to us among men is just to be teachers (feed my sheep), and to help show the way to Jesus, but once someone gets on that narrow path, and begins His walk with Jesus the Spirit is to lead him. God has given to each of us 'all things' pertaining to life and godliness by His grace.

Answer: It is true that the only one over anyone else is Jesus: He is the Head and the rest of us are members of His body. Nevertheless, He has placed leadership within each local body. The issue is not who is over who; it is how leadership authority is exercised and what are its limits. There is no contradiction between being led by the Spirit and being under proper leadership authority. The tone of your comments suggests that you are thinking in a hierarchical way rather than a servant leadership way. We have two articles in the Apostolic Free Library on this website that we would like you to read. The first is called 'Servant Leadership' and the second is called 'The Limits of Pastoral Authority.' Please read them and post your comments.