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Is this structure correct? - Follow up question?

Submitted: 9/18/2011
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Question: I was very humbled by this teaching you gave here for me to read. It's exactly what I've been telling everyone, and very few understand me! The only exception between what I say and what you, or whoever wrote it, is that I say when a man of God no longer needs an instructor he isn't under any authority, because he's fully matured and able to lead people himself, by the Grace of God, to the Lord; while at the same time working out his own salvation with fear and trembling.

Answer: I believe you will find that as you mature in the Lord, you will actually gain an increasing realization of just how much you do need to be under authority. Again, there is no contradiction between being led by the Spirit and living under godly authority. In our view, apostles (church planters) should be accountable to the local assembly that sends them out and the elders of an assembly should be accountable to one another. Under this system, which we believe is the true biblical model, everyone is under authority, which is a great spiritual safeguard. You may not agree with this right now, but you may down the road.