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Is this structure correct? - Follow up question?

Submitted: 9/16/2011
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Question: Yes, I believe submission should not be ordered. The structure here is honestly oppressive, and I've seen the fruit here. It produces men pleasers, and not Good pleasers. (I would blame that more on the saints than the elders, but when the elders say that they're the authority given to people by God it's bound to happen.) I believe we are all men, and we should respect each other as men. Jesus said that the servant is not greater than his master as He washed His disciples feet. Showing to me that He is not greater than His disciples, for it is written the least shall be greatest and the greatest shall be least. Jesus did desire for men of God to 'raise' up more men of God (feed my sheep), but for men of God to rule over other men of God I cannot find that biblically correct, or publicly. I say publicly because it's evident all throughout history and the world when men try to usurp authority over other men in the name of Jesus it always ends in corruption if it never began in corruption.

Answer: The Bible does establish a correct form of pastoral authority, but it relies entirely on willing submission. For example, 1 Thessalonians 5:12 tells the believers to recognize those who are 'over you in the Lord.' The key phrase here is 'in the Lord.' This suggests that the authority is exercised with gentleness and lowliness of heart, not in a heavy-handed way. It is real authority, however, and the believers are expected to submit themselves to it for their own well-being, just as we should submit to the civil authorities for our own well-being. It is sad that because some leaders misused their godly authority some people end up rejecting all godly authority.