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Is the way I worship wrong?

Submitted: 11/16/2010
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Question: When I worshipped I used to love to clap my hands even if the song was slow. I don't know why but I gave it my all even if I looked like an idiot or if I annoyed someone. One day a sister in the Lord said, 'You can patty cake all you want to....' I don't remember the rest, but it was something to the effect of my walk with God. While she was right, I wasn't giving God my all in my walk, when I was paising him it just came out that way with singing and clapping. I didn't think this would get me to Heaven, but I loved it. Did God not approve of it? I know no one is perfect. I stopped worshiping God when it came to singing, in that manner. I miss it. While I had my faults, I know she had hers, but I never said she can boogie all she wanted (dance) and I never pointer out her faults. Should I have? Should she have?

Answer: It sounds as though this sister recognized that the way you were worshipping was more about you than about God. You say that you miss it. You say that you loved it. Yet you also abmit that you were not giving your all in your walk with God. This smells a little like hypocrisy. Jesus spoke of those who worship Him with their lips while their hearts are far from Him. We suggest you simply worship in appropriate ways along with everyone else and place more of your focus on improving your walk with God.