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What about my worship?

Submitted: 7/11/2011
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Question: I worshiped like this because I was praising God with all my heart. I envisioned walls falling (like the walls of Jericho). Walls I had built up because of fear. I couldn't even dance for the Lord because I was self conscious. I overcame a lot in my walk with God during that time. When I stopped because of what she thought, I fell away. I always thought that you came into the presence of the Lord with our praises. That was how we overcame. I don't understand how you got to that assumption.

Answer: We are not trying to dampen your enthusiasm in worship. It's just that your own words indicated that it was more about you than it was about Jesus. All we are suggesting is focus your attention on Him and servive Him with all your heart. When you live that way, some may criticize, but Jesus will smile.