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Will I see my dead loved one again?

Submitted: 2/4/2010
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Question: When God blesses us with children, we have a deep love to care and bring them up knowing God. But when they get older, they go their own way, and if they are killed, will we ever see them again? There are songs that say we shall meet on the beautifull shore, God put the emotion of love in our hearts espicallly for our families, our children mostly, but when one is taken from us murdered, can God let us see them again?

Answer: The answer to your question depends entirely on whether or not the person who was killed was born again and living for God. It also depends on whether or not you are. If both of you are saved, then you will see each other in eternity. If one or both of you are not, then you will never see each other again. Sorry to be so blunt, but according to the Word of God, that is the reality.