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Question on the Great White Throne?

Submitted: 3/2/2010
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Question: To clarify, does this mean that we will not be present at the Great White Throne judgment of the wicked at the 2nd resurrection? That is, if we do not see a lost relative again? Would it instead be viewing the 'reward of the wicked' described in Psalm 91? Thank you.

Answer: The description in Psalms 91 may refer to the final judgment or it may only mean that the righteous will see the wicked get their just rewards in this life. We cannot say for certain. We may indeed be present when our loved ones are cast into the lake of fire; again, we cannot say for sure. But if we are, we will not feel any sense of sorrow, since Jesus has promised no more sorrow and no more tears. At the final judgment, it will be very clear that everyone is getting exactly what they deserve.