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What should I do?

Submitted: 1/22/2010
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Question: God bless you sirs. Having asked questions before and being quite satisfied with the replies, here's something that's bothering me, rather killing me. I'm a member of a church where I hold a teaching function as well as preaching. I am the only member of my church who has a tertiary level education and it seems to be causing animosity among the brethren. Nothing I seem to do is correct. When we have Bible Studies any questions I ask are ignored, or I'm made out to be a trouble maker it seems, whenever I ask ligitimate question, the elder, treats me as if I am causing trouble. Some things I say he tells me I am wrong in front of the congregration and tells me otherwise in private, or teach it when I'm not there. When I share anything with him, I hear it back in some ways in church service, and he says God may have wanted him to say it just in case someone else has the same problem and doesn't know how to deal with it. When it is my time to teach or preach it is difficult because of the picture that is painted of me, nobody seems to listen, and after taking it for some time, I have now caved in under pressure and I have now decided not to teach anymore. Did I do right in this or wrong? There is so much more but I couldn't share it all in this forum. Please pray for me. PS I'm not sure if I wanted this question published, but God knows I don't know where else to turn. I pray to God but I'm not finding the answers and now I'm thinking maybe I am really the problem. I'm frustrated.......

Answer: We can certianly feel your frustration. We hope you can understand that it is very difficult for us to advise you in any meaningful way, since we are not there and do not know the other parties involved. It seems to us that stepping down from your teaching role may have been the best thing to do at this time. We believe that if you keep your heart right, at some point in the future God will open a door for you to teach a more receptive audience.