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What do I do now?

Submitted: 2/3/2010
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Question: Ever since I've been a part of this local assembly I have lost my way some what. Before going there I was a person who visited many churches and fellowshiped with my apostolic brethren, but since I've been here I can't go anywhere, at least not with the frequency as before, and I understand the policy, but sometimes it feels shackleling, like I'm in bonds. I will never disobey any that has the rule over me in any wise, but I've noticed something that whenever I'm anywhere else I feel like I'm extra close to God but once I'm back at my home assembly it feels clustering. There are some young people who resort to me and even older folks who instead of going to the leadership with their troubles come to me. I told them that I don't like it be it seems as if I'm stealing them away from the person who has the oversight function (like what Absolam did to David), but they tell me that they feel more confortable talking to me (that I understand them more) as they are assured that whatever they tell me stays between us unlike going to the leadership. I'm a bit worried about this as I'm not sure how to handle this. I'm trying desparately to be wise but at the same time extremely humble. I don't want to walk in the way of the leaders though I'm among those that are called leaders in the church but do I turn them away and not listen or what. It is frustrating as I am trying to sure up my relationship with God, ensuring that at all times I'm blameless in God's sight. I would trade my position with anyone right now. Give me your pastoral advice. Sometimes I think it's my age, persons who are as young as I am it seems shouldn't know anything much about God and if we do we are called trouble makers, especially if God uses us a lot in the church service to minister the word with clarity and much anointing.

Answer: Regardless of what these young people are telling you, you should not be counseling them without the express permission of their parents and the leadership of the assembly. They may say that you are the only one they can talk to, but that is not enough of a reason. We suggest that if you are unable to minister within the assembly, then start ministering outside. Start preaching to the lost. Start teaching Bible studies. Start bringing people to church. Become the greatest soul-winner in the city. You don't need permission to minister the Word to those who are not in church. Besides, this is the most refreshing and satisfying work you could do.