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Speaking in tongues error.

Submitted: 6/28/2009
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Question: I have received the Holy Spirit without a shadow of doubt; this happened when God called me verbally, from one in total ignorance, and from a dead man walking, God called and gave all to me, I did not seek God. I can only presume from the Gospels/Scriptures, that it was Jesus Christ who came and had the Spiritual sup with me, this lasted for many months.I was gifted Faith,knowledge and understanding,rectification of problem people, and also some rectification of a sin problem overcome by Holy Spirit vistation,Financial help in many ways,shown things and taken places in knowledge both pratical and Spiritually, given vision type dreams of revelation of my calling, therefore the revelation of what Gods plan for me is. was set up by God to do a long and hard job which now appears to have finished, I get intermittent revelations in the form of knowledge and understandings of matters of God,last Easter I had thirteen of what I call major happenings coming from Gods Holy Spirit persuasions; all this and more and there are others who can back me up, to the degree on these things. But I have not spoken in tongues!therefore I know it is not a necessary requirement, may this help those who dont know, and may God bless all those who may even have the concern, Amen.

Answer: You have fallen into the classic error of interpreting the Bible by your subjective experience rather than interpreting your experience by the Scriptures. We choose to interpret our experiences by the Scriptures, therefore we disagree with your conclusion.