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Submitted: 7/24/2009
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Question: For your answer on how this gentleman showed his experience, how can you really infer how someone else interprets scripture? I disagree with any church making their experience the doctrine or the message. The message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The message is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The message is simply the gospel, and the experience follows the message. Have you ever read a Hebrew Bible? Have you ever read a Greek Septuagint? Have you ever read a Greek New Testament? Have you ever read, translated, and studied Hebrew? Have you ever read, translated, and studied Greek? Have you ever studied Aramaic? Have you ever studied hermeneutics? Have you ever performed Hebrew or Greek exegesis? Have you ever studied Biblical theology from an *accredited* seminary? Have you ever studied systematic theology from an *accredited* seminary? Have you ever been trained in pastoral care? Have you ever been formally trained in homiletics? Do you know what homiletics is? Have you studied Family and Marriage therapy under *accredited* training? Where did you get your training? And, was it *accredited*? God Bless, Pastor Greg Norton

Answer: I know how this man interprets the Scriptures because he told me. He stated that he knew he had received the gift of the Holy Spirit by listing all of his personal, subjective experiences. I too disagree with this approach. On the other hand, anyone can read the accounts in the Bible where people received the Spirit and spoke in tongues. This is how I knew I had received the Spirit--my experience was identical to what is recorded in the Bible.

You seem to put a great deal of stock in formal education at accredited schools. By your standards, I'm sure I would be classify with those who are 'ignorant and unlearned.' I therefore do not expect you to give much credence to anything I might say on the website.