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Why doesn't it catch on here?

Submitted: 9/30/2005
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Question: I was raised Apostolic. I've always believed it is sound doctrine. I can't imagine living a life without the Holy Ghost. I am raising my children in the church. We live in a small community, and since I was a child, every time we find a pastor willing to come here, they leave after a few months. This is a problem since the nearest church is about 40-50 miles away. There is no time for the church to grow before we find ourselves searching for a new pastor. Very few people in our area are interested in it. Yet, I see trinity churches start and fill up in no time at all. It's very frustrating. Lately I've found myself questioning what I've always believed. Is it Satan stopping it? Is it the few of us who continue to hang in, not having enough faith? Or is God trying to open our eyes?

Answer: We must be careful when we are not surrounded by a strong body of belivers that we do not allow Satan to influence our thinking and entice us to compromise. One of the reasons we wrote The Glorious Church and established this website is because of questions like yours. We encourage you to keep your mind filled up on biblical truth and to continue seeking God for direction. Please keep in touch with us.

Also remember, more people rejected Jesus Christ than followed Him (read John 6). The false is always more popular than the true. Hold fast!