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They need 'local' leaders/elders!

Submitted: 3/5/2006
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Question: The Question was, 'It's very frustrating. Lately I've found myself questioning what I've always believed. Is it Satan stopping it? Is it the few of us who continue to hang in, not having enough faith? Or is God trying to open our eyes?' It sounds like the LORD wants to open their eyes. The ever revolving pastorate that this poor body of believers has experienced would be completely solved if they could step by step seek LOCAL men who 'desire the office of a bishop' and meet the biblical requirements. This church would be so much better off with just two, local men working full-time jobs, but who are willing to teach and preach, than another outsider who will just up and leave in a short time. Slowly but surely this church could and should become a vibrant, organic expression of the body of Christ in their small community.

Answer: Thank you for your comment.