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Is it wrong for me to dye my hair?

Submitted: 8/13/2005
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Question: Is it wrong for a woman to dye her hair?

Answer: We don't look at matters such as dying the hair (whether a woman or a man) in terms of right or wrong. It is not a moral issue but a glory issue. The question should be, why would someone be so dissatisfied with their hair the way Jesus made it that they would feel the need to change the color? Dying the hair falls into the same catagory as putting on make up. It is altering the natural appearance. This, we believe, diminishes the holy glow of a Spirit-filled child of God. That, after all, is what we should all be concerned about over and above all else.

We paint cars and houses and fenses and boats and billboards and many other things, but we generally do not paint dogs or cats or fish or plants or any other living things. So let us not paint the face or hair of a holy daughter of the living God.