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What about curling irons and and perms?

Submitted: 9/1/2005
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Question: I just read your answer about dying the hair...what about curling irons and hair perms? My hair has a natural wave in it, but I prefer straight hair, so I use a flat iron to make my hair straight. I see a lot of apostolic women with perms in their hair. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you for this web site.

Answer: Curling the hair has to do with arrangement. It is good for Christian women to arrange their hair nicely and neatly, although not extravagantly. Perms are chemically altering the construction of the hair. This is a different matter. God expects us to be content with our physical attributes the way He made them. This does not mean we cannot make the most of what we have, but we should not be altering things that are natural and normal just because we prefer something different.