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Face, ears and neck uncovered

Submitted: 8/5/2005
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Question: Would it be flawed logic to say, then, that a woman's uncut hair 'must' be styled so as to cover her forehead, ears and neck? Some pastors teach that not only must a woman's hair be uncut, but must be worn down (not fixed in an 'up-do') so as to actually be a 'covering.' I don't have a problem with this (uncut and up describes my covering), but I did wonder about this teaching I've heard. What about doilies on top as Mennonites and some Apostolics wear in addition to uncut hair? Thanks!

Answer: The Bible provides no guidance on how a woman should style her hair. It only suggests that the arrangement should be modest and without worldly adornments. Opinions vary as to whether it should be up or down. Let each be persuaded in her own mind.

The bonnets and doilies that some wear is called 'the doctrine of the second covering.' This doctrine arose from the failure to understand that 'her hair is given to her for a covering' (1 Corinthians 11:15). Paul's purpose in writing to the Corinthians was to free them from a second covering, which many women wore in those days, and to let them know that their hair is the covering provided to them by God.