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Comment on how women dress.

Submitted: 5/17/2005
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Question: I agree that styles of dress for women and men change through the years and from country to country. However, God's word never changes and is alway clear, if we do not let our minds be clouded be by past teachings and personal likes and dislikes. The Word of God is clear when it speaks of there being a differance in the way men and women dress. Men are not to be female-like in any way and women are not to be male-like. The whole dress issue boils down to this. God hates homosexuallity and cross dressing is part of that. I have seen women in women pants that looked very much like a female, but did that tell me that she may be a christian. We as humans still look upon the outside when we first meet someone. Only God can look at the heart of a person. So -- I wear skirts not because it is a law, but because the witness that is brings to someone that may be searching for Jesus in a world that is full of torments.

Answer: Thank you for your comment.