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A born again woman's attire

Submitted: 6/18/2005
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Question: I was saved last year (October 2004). I grew up in a santified Church and strayed away for many years. However, after getting saved, I did toll with pants, jewelry, make-up etc., because they had became an essential part of my life, I thought. But after receiving the Holy Ghost (April 2005), my mind was put to rest. I knew none of them was for me. I even tried wearing pajamas and felt condenm. So I gave them away. Every time I considered wearing pants, jewelry, etc., I found the Scripture 'come out from among them and be ye separated' coming to mind everytime. Some times when we want to do something so bad we try to justify a good reason to do it. But if we keep seeking the Lord, He will guide us. I am trying to witness to my family and when the word tells you to be HOLY and live a separated life, you have to do just that. And when you witness to your unsaved love ones and your appearance is just like their's, what can you really say to them or others about living a HOLY/SEPARATED life?

Answer: Thank you for for sharing your testimony.