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Women wearing pants

Submitted: 7/5/2004
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Question: My mom and church (I'm not sure what my father believes, he has never commented on this) say that women should not wear pants. I don't see this in the bible, I know that it says women should not wear that which pertaineth to men, but women are wearing pants made for women. Also, during the winter months it is really cold and I can understand why a woman may want to wear pants in order to stay warm. I want you to agree with me, but I know I need to be right with Jesus, so can you please give me a biblical answer? (By the way I am a teenaged boy and this arose from a discussion on a future wife.)

Answer: Please read our responses to the questions with the following titles: Dresses (January 7, 2005); Rules for women in the church (December 18, 2004); Dress styles (November 11, 2004); Dress code in the apostolic church (November 3, 2004).

If you still have questions, please ask them.