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Wearing pants on the job?

Submitted: 5/2/2006
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Question: What if the only job I can get is a driving job that requires wearing pants? If I wear a long shirt, will that not provide a covering? What if I have been looking for work and this is the only job available to support myself and my children, then is it still wrong?

Answer: It is not wise to judge the Word of God by our circumstances; we should instead judge our circumstances by the Word. You are certainly free to wear whatever you feel is necessary to earn a living, but we know of many situations wear godly women have taken a stand and the employer has agreed to let them wear a skirt. Frankly, why would someone have to wear pants just to drive? That doesn't seem to make sense. If your motive is to find a way to justify wearing pants, then just go ahead and wear them. But if your motive is to please God in ALL things, then we suggest you hold out for a job that will allow you to dress modestly. We feel certain that God will provide.