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Silent 'women'

Submitted: 2/24/2005
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Question: I would like to interject a thought on this subject of 'women' keeping silence in the churches. The Greek word for woman in the scripture can either mean married woman (wife) or single woman depending on the context. Since 1 Cor. 14 speaks of asking husbands at home, I interpret the Greek word for woman in this case to be actually 'wife'. It is the married woman/wife that is to keep silent in the assembly because she is under obedience (subjection) to her husband. The husband is to do all the speaking in the assembly and the wife can then discuss things with the husband 'at home.'

Answer: This explanation would suggest that single women are perfectly free to speak in church, since they have no one at home to ask. We do not accept this explanation. Please see our article The Role of Women in the Assembly found in the Apostolic Free Library.