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Can women speak in the assembly?

Submitted: 6/12/2005
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Question: The truth of the matter is that the Bible does not say that the woman should keep 'silent' (be quiet), but rather keep 'silence' (order). This is clearly seen in 1 Cor. 14:34 and further proven in 1 Cor. 14:28, in that, the man is commanded to keep 'silence', yet at the same time permitted to 'speak to himself, and to God' (audible yet not overbearing -orderly). Furthemore, the teachings of the Apostle Paul have never restricted woman from being 'vocal' in the assembly, but rather have sought to insure that disorder was not tolerated. In conclusion, I am in total concord with the views of The Glorious Church relative to the role of women in the assembly, as such views are in total harmony with the scriptures. 1 Timothy 2:12 restricts women from 'teaching' (equated to pulpit or public ministry), only in so much as said woman attempts to teach from a position of 'usurped authority.' As the woman's head (1 Cor. 11:3), pastor/elders (male overseers) may authorize a woman to speak in the assembly, and remain consistent with the precepts of the Bible!!!

Answer: Thank you for your insightful comment. We agree completely.