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What can I say to my son?

Submitted: 3/19/2008
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Question: PRAISE THE LORD, what can I say to my child to help him understand this and help him to go back to church and be right with God again? My child is baptized. Due to personal family issues, he decided to leave the church, stop praying, says his life really did not change after he accepted Christ and says living that life is impossible because it is impossible not to sin and he's doomed because of this, he says he does not want to go to hell, but he is doomed, and does not want to talk about God. What can I say to him? Please Respond ASAP Thank you

Answer: It sounds as though, even though your son was baptized, he never really repented. The change of life is the result of repentance, not just baptism. We can understand why he would feel that continued sin is inevitable. From his perspective it is. The only thing that can change that perspective is the Word of God. He must believe the Word over and above his own opinions of himself. But it sounds as though he does not have ears to hear at this time.

Your son may say he doesn't want to go to hell, yet he isn't willing to accept responsibility for his actions. To claim that he is doomed is just an excuse for living as he pleases. But God has designed life so that it will give people such as your son continual little foretastes of hell. Every time things go wrong and he suffers pain, this is God attempting to induce him to open his ears and hear the Word.

We suggest you let him know that you love him and believe his refusal to live for God will only bring him to ruin. But also let him know that you respect his right to choose how he will live. Then bombard heaven with prayer and fasting. Who's to say what the Lord may be able to do.