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Who should I submit myself to?

Submitted: 3/18/2008
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Question: I don't have a husband. I am a single mom. So does that make the church my leader?

Answer: The leadership of a local assembly can provide you with headship to some degree. It may also be helpful to seek out help from another mature godly man who can provide you more directly with headship. What you need is someone who can provide the benefits of headship, not someone who will actually be your head as a husband would be. In other words, if you were married, your husband would be your head whether you wanted it to be that way or not. This is not the case with other men. But you can voluntarily submit yourself to the guidance of another and receive counsel and direction from him as if he were your head. This would be a great protection for you and your family. Of course, this needs to be a godly and reliable man. And since such a relationship could be prone to impropriety, we suggest it be a married man. We also suggest that his wife always be present when you and he are interacting.