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Is sexual purity achievable?

Submitted: 3/16/2008
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Question: Since masterbation is considered a sin, what if one does it without the pictures and fantacies in one's mind. Also, in the book of Genesis 38:9-10, masterbation is considered the sin of Onan. My question is this, if a man is filled with God's Spirit and is trying desperately to live for God and to stop this habit, is there deliverance somewhere down the road and will this habit be the cause of some to miss the Rapture. Label me concerned.

Answer: You are incorrect about the sin of Onan. The issue that displeased God was not that Onan masturbated; it was that he was unwilling to impregnate the wife of his deceased brother. It is not useful to take such stories out of context.

There is no doubt that the habit of masturbating can be overcome. Jesus came to save us from our sins, and that includes all sins. We do not believe it will be sin that keeps born again people from receiving eternal life. It is departing from the Savior that cuts a person off from eternal life.