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How do I keep myself sexually pure?

Submitted: 5/5/2008
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Question: Now I am confused. I'm a 22-year-old male and am Apostolic. I was born again a little over six months ago. How come when I got the Holy Ghost I was not delivered from masterbation. I was delivered from cigarettes, alcohol, and all kinds of drugs I used to do but not this habit. I know it is a sin but I just can't seem to quit. I saw on another site also where a lady that is a counsellor on sex stated that a person that masterbates will go to hell and she used the reference of Galations 5. Now I am confused and am thinking I will go to hell even though I try not to sin this way, and I always repent and ask Jesus to forgive me.

Answer: There are some things we need to be delivered from and there are some things where God expects His people to exercise self-control. We suggest three things: First, work diligently at controling your thoughts. This is where the habit gets started. Second, dedicate some specific time to prayer and fasting. Stretch yourself. We suggest a minimum of a three-day fast. Third, discuss this with a trusted man at your local assembly. Make yourself accountable to him. Further, if there is any pornography in your life, get rid of it at once.