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What is the curse on Eve?

Submitted: 3/9/2008
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Question: I was listening to the pastor on the radio preach about the curse pronounced on Eve that reads, 'And your desire will be for your husband.' He said that meant that, you knew he was a no good dirty this and that and you're still going to want him. But once the curse is reversed, I guess that means that curse can be removed by being saved or seeking God, but that it was possible. Which to me meant that is why there are so many women in bad relationships. He said at first women were made to be help meets, but after Eve was deceived, we were put under a curse. Well that's how I understood it. Is this something you teach?

Answer: This is a very good reason why you should not be listening to preachers on the radio. We believe that God was telling Eve that there would be something in her that desires to control and dominate her husband, but that He has made Adam the head and she therefore needs to submit to him. Apparently there has always been a tendency for women to seek to dominate men, perhaps because so many men have shown themselves to be so untrustworthy. For example, Isaiah 3:12 says, 'As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.' This is a great example of the complete reversal of the divine order. Many men would just as soon let their wives take the lead, but this is displeasing to God and unfair to the wife. God made men to lead their families with kindness and love, and He made women to submit to their husband's lead, even when they think they know best. This does not mean that women have no say so and must suffer themselves to be abused and mistreated. Only that they are not to take the lead or seek to dominate their husbands.