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Submitted: 3/3/2008
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Question: Adoptionism is a minority Christian belief that Jesus was born merely human and that he became divine later in his life. This is different from one faith that Jesus was born of God. He was born with the intervention of God. I am desperate in seeking truth. If you say that Oneness existed even before the day of Pentecost, why then is there is no historical record that the Church found it as heresy, because the church do believe in the trinity?

Answer: We do not base our doctrine on the historical record. We base it solely on the Bible. But having said that, the fact is, there is a great wealth of historical information showing that Oneness was the orginal doctrine of all Christians and only later was deemed a heresy by the Catholics and their 'church fathers.' Bro. William Chalfant and Bro. Thomas Weisser have done extensive research on this topic and have produced some excellent books. They can be reached by writing to Bro. Weisser at ThomasWeisser@yahoo.com.