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How women dress

Submitted: 2/8/2005
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Question: I read the different comments about the way women should dress as according to Scripture. I was raised in the Apostolic Holiness Church--my Dad is also a Pastor. The Bible states that a woman should not wear clothing that is for men. Let's rightly divide the word of truth...First of all before you can state what a woman can or cannot wear you must first understand what the attire for men and women were in the Biblical times. All people wore robe or dress-like clothing...pants/slacks were not invented. So what did the Lord mean when he made that statement? Clearly the robes must have been made distinctive to show a difference between men and women at that time. Styles and fashions have changed a great deal since then. Do we still have clothing that is gender specific? Yes. There are pants for men and women. There are also skirts for men and women; a male skirt is a kilt and very accepted and never questioned. In many countries men still wear-robe like clothing also very accepted and not questioned. Is there a proper way for women to dress? Absolutely. Women in the church need to dress modestly, meaning skin-tight clothing of any sort is not acceptable. Dresses and skirts should be at least knee length. I personally wear both pants and skirts and I do not feel convicted by the Spirit. The only problem I see is the looks that I get from judgmental, spiritually ignorant people. My salvation never has been and never will be made up of what I put on. I use discretion in my attire. If I feel unsure about wearing something, I consult the Lord and He has always directed me. I feel like a Christian lady no matter what I put on. I learned to let my light shine bright enough so that people see Christ and not me or my outfit. Too many times the church rules have surpassed God's Word and people have gotten hurt. I have seen churches that have come down so hard on this subject and forbidden women to not only wear pants but other articles of clothing as well and they are wrong!! I am so glad that my father/pastor allowed the Lord to direct him in being a parent of a daughter and also as a leader with women to oversee. I have been taught very well and I have been very blessed. And the Spirit has moved on me both in a dress and pants. It's time for the churches to get on with God's business, which is the saving of the soul and never mind if sister so and so is wearing pants, but living the life. 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' Matthew 5:16

Answer: We decided to post your comments even though you have not asked a question. Of course, we disagree with your conclusions. We do believe that God's business is saving people, but we also believe it is perfecting the church. We should never forego the frist in favor of the second, but neither should we forego the second in favor of the first. They are not mutually exclusive.

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