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Women to be silent

Submitted: 1/11/2005
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Question: I'm sorry you have not answered my question using scripture. You have merely given me your opinion. What you believe is of no consequence to me (no offence intended) if it is not supported by scripture. Jesus said 'it is written'. If you cannot support your argument with the scripture then you need to question your understanding. God is not saying women cannot speak or spread the gospel outside of the assembly, this is a clear restriction when the whole church gathers together. It does not say women can speak with the oversight of a pastor, it says they are to be silent - period! They can sing, they can praise and worship (enter into His gates with thanksgiving into His courts with praise), for this is not addressing the church, solo (which is the context, ie each in turn, order and decency), ie public speaking, for the purposes of teaching, which is the sole purpose of prophesying in the context of 1 Cor 14 'that all may LEARN'. Paul is saying when the church is gathered together, women are to be in subjection to instruction and are not to give it - TO LEARN NOT TO TEACH (IE SPEAK IE PROPHESY to the church, solo, in psalm, knowledge, revelation, prophesying, doctrine etc), for it was not the man that was caught in the transgression. This has absolutely zilch to do with women chattering (unless you can back this up with scripture - for we can only trust THE WORD). This is one topic that unless you can give me scriptural reference to support your argument you will never be able to shift my conviction which I believe is a God-given one, and not just my being stubborn - let God be true and every man, including myself, be a liar! I still love you!

Answer: I guess we just have to agree to disagree. I love you too. Be blessed.