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Wrong about women speaking

Submitted: 1/10/2005
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Question: Thank you for your response. However, I prefer to use the word of God, it is my only weapon against the enemy. God's word is the only context and is not private interpretation. Please can you refer me to the scripture where Paul is referring to women chattering and please can you tell me why Paul needed to also educate young Timothy on this. Please can you explain why they cannot even ask a question. My bible tells me the importance of their submission to prophesying is such that they cannot even ask a question. Let the bible answer why 'because it is a shame for women to speak in church'. What about 'as also saith the law'. When did the law legislate about women chattering? Yet we know from Genesis 3:16 that woman was put under subjection of her husband. This whole theme of submission is throughout the whole of the New Testament. Incidentally, how is asking a question of a teacher in church chattering?! If you cannot support it by scripture it is not scripture. It is not my 'personal' doctrine as you say but the word of God. I have used no words of my own. Indeed it is you who have tried to interpret scripture not I. I look forward to your paper since I am always open to growing, and try never to put a lid on anything except where God has sealed it for me, but in the end I will always stand on the 'it is written' as is my duty to God.

Answer: I agree with you that women are required to be submissive to the leadership in both their homes and their local assemblies. This is a given and is not in question on this website. The question revolves around what forms that submission takes. You say that women may not speak at all in a gathering of an assembly. I am suggesting that the issue in 1 Corinthians 14 has to do with disrupting meetings, not partipating in them. I believe that women can participate under the oversight of the leaders but are not to disrupt meetings by talking to one another or asking their husbands questions. Frankly, I have found this to be a problem from time to time and have had to do some correcting. I have never, however, had to correct men for chatting while someone else is speaking. This seems to be primarily a female tendency.