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No women preachers

Submitted: 1/8/2005
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Question: In addressing the woman who wants to know why she is not being allowed to preach, I would like to ask her why she is so keen to preach, outside of the Word of God? Please, should you not have referred her to the word of God (1 Cor 34-37 & 1 Tim 2:11-15) and let it speak rather than you? How can a woman preach when the word of God plainly states that a woman must be silent. It does not say, except she wants to preach or prophesy, or sing a song or whatever she feels the impulse to get up and do. Her only guide as to whether in the general assembly this impulse is from God - is THE WORD TEST, which plainly says let your women keep silent - period! Why? 'For is a shame (ie a disgrace) for women to speak (ie address) in church'. As far as the many arguments trying to justify this eg 'this is that which was spoken of the prophet Joel etc' is concerned, well we notice what CAUSED these people to 'prophesy' was the Holy Ghost falling on them and filling them. If a woman is sitting in silence in the congregation and the holy ghost comes upon her and CAUSES her to prophesy 'thus saith the Lord' that is no longer the woman speaking but the Holy Ghost! And we would know it is of God, because of the timing, God does things decent and in order, He would not interrupt for example another speaker but He would wait for him to finish. I agree all must prophesy the gospel but Paul has laid down what he says is a direct COMMANDMENT from God that she must not do so in the general assembling of the church. Jesus said if you love me keep my commandments - choose to obey God!

Answer: You have pulled two verses out of context to justify your personal doctrine. Paul did not place a general ban on all women speaking in any assembly-wide context. His concern was women disrupting a meeting with their chatter and questions.

We are preparing paper on this subject and will advise you when it is posted in our Apostolic Free Library. In the mean time, we intend to continue to allow women to minister in word under the authority of the pastoral overseers of the church. We do not allow women to participate in oversight.